Landscaper and Other careers in Landscaping Industry

The market of landscaping industry is now considered to be very healthy. This claim can be vouched by NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals). In their 2014 pulse report of Landscape Mgt. Industry, 80% of contractors has given that description. This percentage is higher compared to two years prior, where there were only 56% of them who labeled such. Also the results of Harris Poll for NALP adds further the promising state of this industry. It concluded that 67% of Americans agree that professionals in the landscaping industry would help them achieve a nice yard.

Considering a career in Santa Rosa CA landscaper industry? There are a handful of ways to get in. Below are some of the career paths you can take:


This is also known as gardener. This profession usually involves keeping up the appearance of the garden. This major task includes rendering care for plants and other greeneries like composting, applying herbicides and pesticides, doing cleanups for both fall and spring, and mowing. The task can go further to work sheds and greenhouses. In contrast with landscape professionals, groundskeepers don’t normally do any work on designs; they attend to the existing landscapes.


Interiorscaper is the shortened term of interior landscaper. This career can work its way up on building an entire business dedicated to caring of indoor plants of public spaces, office buildings, and shopping malls. This profession has the major task of providing care and general maintenance of various planters and plants that will best enhance the building’s interiors. Interior landscapers can also give sound advices to interior designers on what plant to use for a certain area. Not only that, an interiorscaper can lead in the setting up and tearing down of holiday decorations. Becoming a successful interiorscaper doesn’t to have a strong background on design. But it’s expected of you to be detail-oriented on elements that matter in an indoor landscape- form; color; texture; and shape. Also, it will be part of your task to translate all of the elements into focal points and eventually complement them with the interiors.


The general understanding of a landscaper is that s/he is responsible of doing professional landscape maintenance services (e.g. maintaining sod, plants, trees, flowers, and other materials that are natural like mulch and rocks). If there are add-ons to the services of a landscaper, that would be: to perform lawn care; do basic design (as they’re responsible for the installation of the mentioned garden fixtures); and to install sprinklers. These add-ons make landscapers almost busy for the entire year. In most states, landscapers are required to get a license to operate.

Landscape designer/architect

When you want to plan your dream verdant space, call your landscape architect. The landscape architect works closely with engineers, building architects, and surveyors. Their coordination is needed to create detailed drawings as part of planning and designing process. The trio can pull off several projects that call for some serious landscaping like public and industrial parks, shopping centers, subdivisions, college campuses, and golf courses. But one project a landscape architect can specialize is preserving wetlands. This falls under environmental remediation.

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