Tips on How to Keep your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen can easily be the messiest part of the house unless you don’t use it. But if you do, it always pays to have a clean, tidy and organized. You can’t work on something if it’s dirty around or messy. You won’t have space. And the kitchen is where you prepare food for everyone even for just yourself. You don’t want anything bad contaminating the food. So, here are some tips on how you can keep your kitchen clean.

1. Minimalism is the key

You don’t have to have a lot of appliances, tools, and things around your kitchen. You need only a few. But if you do need to have a lot of things, only display in the kitchen the things that you will need. Put the others away or in the storage room. Like for an example, if you don’t always use the pressure cooker every day, you can store it away before and after you’ve used it. But if you are a baker who bakes a few times a week, then you need to keep the stand mixer around because it’s heavy.

The kitchen counter is notorious for being jam-packed with just about anything. And it’s understandable. Everyone wants to easily grab the things they need. But this causes overcrowding. You can always put them in the cupboard and drawers.

2. Use your free time if you have it

If you are simmering soup or a dish and are waiting for it to finish, use your free time wisely. You can start loading the dishwasher, clean the utensils, or wipe the counter and prep area. You can actually do a lot if you use your free or waiting time.

3. Immediately drain the wash water

This is the only way to go, yes, but a few actually don’t. Some people let the wash water stay a little longer on the sink because they forgot about it or maybe they were doing something else. Sticking your hand to release the drain will be gross but it has to be done. It’s also better to do it immediately after every wash because the greasy part of the water will stick to the sink. Drain it immediately and wipe the sink right after. Make sure you catch food debris or they will get down the drain, create build-up, and ultimately damage the pipes. If you get this dilemma, call the professionals asap. Plumber Santa Rosa is always available to assist. You will notice it right away if there is a problem because the water won’t drain and will sometimes regurgitate. Call plumber Santa Rosa CA and Santa Rosa plumbing emergency or professionals near you for immediate action.

4. Clean spills right away

Spills come off faster and easier when they are fresh. Old and dried spills will take more time to be taken off because they have dried down and attached themselves on the surface. Cleaning them right after they happen will save you more time.

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